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We're here to help! A Brief guide to KPBSD student nutrition forms & accounts
KPEA/KPESA Guide to Student Nutrition Forms

We have seen a flurry of posts on Facebook, and received emails from our own students' schools, saying that students might be denied access to lunch for two main reasons:

  1. the federal free lunch program we had last year has ended
  2. parents have not put money on their students' accounts and/or filled out free and reduced lunch paperwork

We want to make sure students eat too. To that end, we've put together this succinct guide to get your child set up if you haven't already.

2022 KPEA New Educator Welcome

Your colleagues need you!

August 5, 2022

Greetings, new colleagues!

Nathan Erfurth talking about Education Policy in a video
Education Funding in Alaska

Let's talk about education funding in Alaska. More importantly, let's talk about our schools the way they actually are rather than the way our detractors paint them to be. Sources are on the youtube page in the description.

Screenshot of
Alaskan Nets

At ASTE this year, educators were able to watch Alaskan Nets, a film about the importance of basketball and fishing to an Alaskan village and its youth. It's available for schools and teachers to show, and can even be used as a fundraiser to raise funds for athletic programs. Take a look!

KPBSD Educators at ASTE
Educators at ASTE!!!

KPEA and KPBSD were well represented at the Alaska Society for Technology in Education's annual meeting this year. In fact, one of our members, Billeen Carlson, won Teacher of the Year for 2022!

Congratulations, Billeen!




A screenshot of the flyer from the State of Alaska
Retirement Webinar with the State of Alaska

There are several meetings coming up that the State of Alaska has put together for education employees. See the attached flyer and make sure to get there if you have questions about the defined contribution plans (that means Tier III TRS & Tier IV PERS).

Download the Flier >>>

SOAR (Saving Our Alaska Retirement) HB 220
House Bill 220 - Retirement for Tier III Educators

On Monday 11/8/21, the House Labor and Commerce Committee held an introductory hearing and invited testimony on House Bill 220. HB 220, sponsored by Representative Grier Hopkins of Fairbanks, holds the best promise to restore a reasonable retirement for educators hired after 2006. You can watch the hearing here.

ARP Graphic
American Rescue Plan Survey

The ARP requires the District to seek public input on the best ways to utilize American Rescue Plan funds that KPBSD has access to.

KPEA and KPESA are forming committees to discuss this with the district, and we will be meeting with them next week.

Parents, staff, and community are all encouraged to participate in the district survey! Do it quick - the survey closes on 8/17. Check your email for the link!

Tentative Agreement Announcement!

We are pleased to release all of our hard work! Click below for the appropriate page for the agreements.