Bargaining Update, Sept. 12

Your bargaining team just wrapped up yet another bargaining session with the District. As you likely know, the meeting was not publicized due to ongoing security concerns for all parties engaged in this process. Thank you for your patience and support.

Here are the key takeaways from tonight’s session:

  • The District rejected the proposal we had given them during our last bargaining session citing concerns over the fate of one-time State money currently tied up in a lawsuit between the legislature and Governor Dunleavy. Despite the Association’s presentation of an expert legal opinion that the funds will be distributed, the District would not budge on this issue.
  • The District provided a counter offer which did not satisfy our demands and would have continued to place an undue financial burden on our members and their families concerning healthcare premiums.
  • At roughly 9:30 pm, your team provided a counter offer that contained our previous healthcare proposal but attempted to acknowledge the District’s concerns regarding the one-time funding from the State. This offer would include contingency language in the contract that would tie our FY21 salary increase to the fate of the one-time money.
  • Our offer is currently with the District and we have given them a deadline of 4:00 pm on Friday, September 13 to respond.

We have been bargaining for over 575 days. For even longer than that, healthcare premiums have cut into our financial stability and peace of mind. Our recent offer acknowledges that fact and continues to place healthcare at the top of our priority list. The District is now faced with a choice that will determine how we proceed. They can choose to respect us and agree to the compromise that we have proposed, or they can reject it and we will show them how strong and united we really are.

Link to the Association's proposal and KPBSD's proposal

In Solidarity

David Brighton & Anne McCabe