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KPESA Values Statement

We are a diverse group of education support professionals. We are the school secretaries, paraeducators, nurses, custodians, food service workers, library specialists, drivers, warehouse workers, theater technicians, IT services, clerical employees and administrative assistants. ESPs work hard to provide the safe, healthy, environments students need to learn successfully.

We believe a quality public education is essential to our communities and our state. We recognize our workplaces are our students learning environment and the framework of our school district. We value job stability and satisfaction. Our education support professionals deserve a liveable wage, benefits, affordable health insurance, the ability to retire with dignity and respect for what we do. KPESA strives to educate and engage our members so that they can be full participants in the workings of their union. As working ESPs, we use our collective voice to build safer, more equitable, and just workplaces.


At the End of the Day

Are you looking for a "end of the day" form? Download one here.