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A Letter Regarding Secretary II's

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Hello KPBSD Brother and Sisters,

I’m writing today to talk about the Secretary II reclassification. I need to start by thanking all of you for the outpouring of support we’ve received. The encouragement has been inspiring. We have heard incredible messages of support from teachers and administrators, to custodians, paras, and student nutrition staff.

Many of you already know, last year us standalone Secretary IIs submitted an application to change our job classification. We applied to reclassify every Secretary II who is the only secretary in their building to Secretary III to better align with our actual duties. I’m sure you know, that when a school has only one secretary, she ends up doing a lot. Importantly, we have administered payroll despite that duty being excluded from the Secretary II job description.

According to KPBSD’s job descriptions, payroll duty is the responsibility of Secretary IIIs. This August, we signed our names on a joint letter telling Superintendent Clayton Holland that we will no longer work beyond our job description and administer payroll starting in September.

For many of us, our positions were previously Secretary III. The previous school secretary at Fireweed Academy, Sterling Elementary, Paul Banks Elementary, Chapman School, West Homer Elementary, and Susan B. English School were classified as Secretary III. When those secretaries retired, KPBSD reduced their position down to a Secretary II without taking away any of our responsibilities.

Despite his assertion at the May 2, 2022 Board of Education meeting that he was unable to approve our reclassification because the classification committee failed to reach consensus, Superintendent Clayton Holland is responsible for classification decisions. See the language for yourself.


An advisory classification committee will consist of a committee of support personnel and administrators. The Association shall select five (5) support personnel within different job classifications to serve on the committee. In addition to the support personnel, two (2) or more representatives should be appointed by the Superintendent. The number of administrators shall not exceed the number of support personnel.

The committee shall meet once a year in January to consider any classification requests. All requests must be submitted in writing to Human Resources before December 15.

After the committee has met and reached consensus on classification recommendations, the committee will meet with the Superintendent prior to the end of the school year to present its recommendation(s). Any changes approved by the Superintendent shall become effective July 1 of the coming year. All decisions by the Superintendent are final.

This article is not subject to the grievance procedure.

It is KPBSD’s responsibility to ensure payroll is completed on time. We are hopeful that Superintendent Holland will make this right. KPESA is ready to do whatever we need to solve this right now, and KPESA will do what is needed to ensure that no employee’s pay is affected. If you want to add your voice and show support, consider sending a message to Superintendent Holland urging him to reconsider the Secretary II reclassification request.


In Solidarity,

Susanna Litwiniak

KPESA President