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We're here to help! A Brief guide to KPBSD student nutrition forms & accounts

KPEA/KPESA Guide to Student Nutrition Forms

We have seen a flurry of posts on Facebook, and received emails from our own students' schools, saying that students might be denied access to lunch for two main reasons:

  1. the federal free lunch program we had last year has ended
  2. parents have not put money on their students' accounts and/or filled out free and reduced lunch paperwork

We want to make sure students eat too. To that end, we've put together this succinct guide to get your child set up if you haven't already.

This district's page with this info is here:


We want to help!

Your Kids are Our Students

Our student nutrition workers do not want to deny lunches to students. We know how hard it is for them to learn on an empty stomach, and we want to reduce barriers to getting food to them when they need it. You can reach out to your school's secretary for more help if you need it as well.

We are your student's nutrition workers, nurses, counselors, and teachers - and every other certified and support employee in the district - and we want to help!


Meal Prices

$ 2.50 /meal
K-6 Lunch
$ 3.50 /meal
7-12 Lunch
$ 4.00 /meal

Fund Your Student's Account

You need to create an account on the KPBSD webstore to add funds to your student's meal account. You will need your student's ID number and last name.

Allow Your Student to Charge Lunch

Even though the district is only allowing $8 per student in charges, fill out the form on the KPBSD Forms Portal to allow your student to do so should the need arise.


Free & Reduced Prices

Follow the steps below to apply.

F&R Breakfast
$ 0.00 /meal
K-12 Free Lunch
$ .00 /meal
K-12 Red. Lunch
$ .40 /meal
Choose One

Register for Free & Reduced Lunches

If you are eligible, here is how you get enrolled. This must be done every year.


Create an account on the state's new portal to apply for free and reduced lunch.

Follow the steps below to get your student enrolled.


On Paper

If you don't have the abillity to complete the online form, you can visit your school's office and get a paper form to fill out. Office staff are happy to help!

Your School is Here to Help You

Everyone agrees that children deserve food. Visit your school to find out how you can get everything set up, or to offer assistance to students who need it!