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State of the Bargain, as of Sept. 13, 2019

The September 12th 2019 negotiating session was not publicized. After receiving threatening phone calls Wednesday, the Associations and the District felt it was prudent to move forward with an abundance of caution. Then KPBSD provided us with their proposal. Their proposal increases the District contribution to the healthcare cap by $300 over the current HDHP rate. Employees would be expected to pay $455.27 per month for health insurance over nine months. Our team responded with a counter proposal. Our Counterproposal had the same health insurance plan as our previous proposal, so under our proposal employees would be expected to pay $204.92 per month for health insurance over nine months. Other changes include this change to the 2.0% increase for FY21 The parties have expressed concerns related to FY20 money outside of the funding formula. Should KPBSD receive those moneys, the salary schedule increases in the amount of 2.0 percent in FY21. Should that money be mitigated or diminished, the salary schedule increases shall be proportionate to the amount of 2.0 percent in FY21.

Bargaining Update, Sept. 12

Your bargaining team just wrapped up yet another bargaining session with the District. As you likely know, the meeting was not publicized due to ongoing security concerns for all parties engaged in this process. Thank you for your patience and support.

Here are the key takeaways from tonight’s session:


Contact Your Board Members!

Let's let the school board know how important a contract is to us! Call your school board member(s) - any and all! - between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday, June 28.

Penny Vadla - 262-7249
Zen Kelly - 235-9700
Dan Castimore - 398-3609
Mike Illg - 299-6425
Greg Madden - 420-4120
Debbie Cary - 398-8308
Lynn Hohl - 224-7300
Matt Morse - 907-252-0573
Jason Tauriainen - 398-1024

Board Meeting

The school board will be meeting on Monday, July 1 @ 6 p.m. Please come and let the school board know you are fed up with their stalling tactics at the bargaining table.


The Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities and Electives

This is a link to a one minute video that Sonora Martin from SOHI made about being part of the ski team. The video won 1st place in a national video contest this year at the US Junior National Championships where it was shown to athletes, coaches, and teams from all over the US. It was also shown at Senior Worlds. It is a testament to the impact of extra-curricular activities and electives (aerial video). 

It's worth the minute to watch!!

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