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Bargaining Begins Soon: Members, Voice Your Priorities

Despite everything else that's going on, bargaining is coming up again this year. Your team has a couple of online Zoom events where we would like to hear from members what their priorities and concerns are this year. Check your email for links.

Please attend one of the sessions if you're at all able to. Even if you aren't, your voice is welcome and we want to hear from you. Please contact the bargaining team, and/or fill out the survey that was sent to you in your email. We are all willing to listen to your thoughts and concerns.

Leadership Academy: Day One

Good evening, educators. I've transcribed and organized my notes from today's Leadership Academy in an effort to bring as much information to our members as possible. You received an email today introducing me (Nathan Erfurth) as the point person on the Smart Start plan, so please feel free to contact me via email or Facebook, or contact your building rep to voice your concerns. 

Some highlights:

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