To Members: Healthcare

Since July 1, 2018, KPBSD educators have been working without a contract. Despite our efforts to bargain in good faith with the district, they have been unwilling to provide us with an offer that would address some of the most pressing issues we face; salary, health insurance, and contract duration. The district has received over $2 million in additional funds from the State of Alaska for next fiscal year, and stands to receive even more the following year. Even with this additional money, the district has yet to provide any initial financial offers to our bargaining teams.

We have also asked the district for data and information about the health insurance program that would allow us to implement additional cost saving changes. The district agreed to provide that information on August 20th. They have provided no data.

Recently, the district made a disturbing decision that could endanger the fiscal sustainability of our health insurance plan by offering an emergency open enrollment period with only one option: to switch from the traditional to high deductible. They made this plan and announced it to the healthcare committee before we set the rate! Essentially, the district is attempting to get our members to opt into plans without reliable information about the cost. We will not know what the rates are until we get the data we requested from the insurance broker. More troubling still is the fact that the district has not even made a request to the broker to provide the information the bargaining team has requested.

KPEA and KPESA are attempting to bargain in good faith with the district and secure a contract that protects our rights as educators, compensates us fairly for the jobs we do, and provides affordable and reliable health insurance benefits to our families. At this time, the district does not seem willing to honor our modest requests for information that will allow us to continue our negotiations.

It is vital that we contact our principals and school board members and urge them to direct the district to come to the bargaining table in good faith, with the information we’ve requested. KPBSD educators deserve to be treated with the same respect and dignity that we should our students every day. Please take the time to email (via Outlook) or call your school board member today.

List School Board Contact Information Here:

Soldotna - Penny Vadla - 262-7249
Homer – Zen Kelly – 235-9700
K Beach – Dan Castimore – 398-3609
Homer - Mike Illg – 299-6425
Sterling – Marty Anderson – 252-7800
Ninilchick – Debbie Cary – 398-8308
Seward – Lynn Holh – 224-2300
Kenai - Tim Navarre – 394-2303
Nikiski – Jason Tauriainen – 398-1024

Thank you,

David Brighton