September Newsletter

KPEA September Newsletter


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Policy Assembly is this Saturday Oct. 6, 10:00am at the KPEA office.  This is our annual meeting to set policy for the next year. All members are welcome, and we need to hear your voice! Please RSVP with David Brighton (907)690-5732.


Salary Placement. Make sure your salary placement is correct.  It is binding and irrevocable on both the District and the employee if no objection is raised in writing by either on or before November 1 of the school year.


Please follow the link to nominate a coworker as Educator of the Month:


The next time you are on the WebPay Portal, click on Certifications and check to see when your teaching certificate(s) expires. Make plans to take courses and submit renewal applications in a timely manner.


Thinking about retiring?  Submit a notice and request no later than November 1 to exchange up to five personal leave days for a contract extension for site level approved projects.  The remainder of personal leave would be eligible for cash out at the per diem rate.


As always, please call or email if you have any questions.

David Brighton


KPEA President