January Newsletter

January Newsletter

                The light is returning! It won’t be long now until we won’t be driving to work in the dark. I hope this letter finds you well. I have been to most schools this year and enjoy visiting with you. If you haven’t seen me yet, I am coming to your school soon. Here are a few reminders:



Go to:  https://www.eballot4.votenet.com/neaalaska/login.cfm  to vote for state-wide positions. Your username is your last name in all caps. Your password is your membership # which is on your card or the state can get it to you quickly if you call 1-800-996-3225. Please take a minute and make your voice heard. You have until Thursday 2/1 @ 11:59.



We are going back to the table next month. Please keep an eye out for my email updates. If you haven’t seen anything from me please send me a good address. Also, keep in mind that my emails often get filtered into a spam folder because of how many recipients I email, so check there as well.


Transfer Deadline -- Feb. 1

 If you’re tenured and would like to transfer sites please be sure to fill out the request form by February 1. Also keep in mind that you must check all sites you are interested in. And district-wide doesn’t mean you willing to go anywhere, it means that you want to be itinerant.


Tenured Contracts

Contracts will be coming out next month for all tenured and hard to fill (special ed. and across the water schools) positions. Send your signed contract to Kelsey Ciufo within 30 days of receiving your contract. She doesn’t need your original but it’s a good idea to “bizhub” it to yourself and then to her so that she sees who it’s from AND you have proof that you sent it, just in case.


Discretionary Funds Deadline – May 1

Remember the deadline for submitting your discretionary funds is May 1st. We know you spent more but you can get $225 back.


                                                   In Solidarity,

                                                 David Brighton