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KPEA Initial proposal to the District

Out of 77 sections of the contract, KPEA Opened 13 sections and has already reached agreement with the District on 3 of those 13 sections involving instructional leaves and use of sick leave for bereavement.


We are proposing a 3 year contract.

105 Salary:

Our offer proposes increases to the salary schedule that offer financial surety to the District below inflation at 0.5% for the first year, 1% for the second, 2% in the third year which matches average inflation.

The District offers steps and lanes, but no increase to the salary schedule.

110 Salary Conditions:

KPEA proposes that teachers and Type C certificates can pursue their National Board Certifications and upon achieving their certification, they will be eligible to receive $5000/year instead of $2000. Renewal requirements have increased from every 10 years to 5 years and these programs are extremely valuable at improving student success.

210 Health Insurance:

The KPEA proposal returns to an 85/15 (Traditional) and 90/10 (HDHP) split of healthcare premium costs without a cap.

The District proposal maintains the current rate and cap and potentially ties the hands of the employee’s health insurance subcommittee in limiting risk of overages at the end of the plan year.

320 Personal Leave:

We are proposing an increase of one personal day to a total of 5. Teachers need time to engage in subsistence activities, attend the out of town sporting events of their children and students, as well as chaperone class field trips. These activities are not available during built-in breaks of the regular school schedule.

340 Sick Leave:

Teachers across the district have requested an incentive for the conservation of sick leave. We propose that upon retirement or resignation after 10 years of service in the District, employees have the option of cashing out sick leave at 80% of the certified sub rate of pay or apply sick leave to TRS if allowed by statute.

470 Workday:

Teachers have expressed the desire for flexible scheduling if they have an assignment in a non-traditional teaching venue. Both KPEA and the District agree and have proposed similar language to meet this need.

Teachers also have expressed concern with the District potentially not providing adequate time and facilities for breastfeeding moms. We propose that the District ensures the application of the FLSA principles about breastfeeding to teachers.

The District is proposing that “In no event shall a teacher’s work day be less than seven hours, excluding a duty free lunch.” KPEA has several concerns with this broad language. This could be a sign of things to come and this proposed requirement may subject the District to litigation.

475 Teacher Prep:

Elementary teachers have voiced extreme need for increased uninterrupted prep time. We propose an increase in elementary teacher prep periods from 30 to 45 minutes.



                                                                                                                                                                 Updated 2/16/18

January Newsletter

                The light is returning! It won’t be long now until we won’t be driving to work in the dark. I hope this letter finds you well. I have been to most schools this year and enjoy visiting with you. If you haven’t seen me yet, I am coming to your school soon. Here are a few reminders:



Go to:  to vote for state-wide positions. Your username is your last name in all caps. Your password is your membership # which is on your card or the state can get it to you quickly if you call 1-800-996-3225. Please take a minute and make your voice heard. You have until Thursday 2/1 @ 11:59.



We are going back to the table next month. Please keep an eye out for my email updates. If you haven’t seen anything from me please send me a good address. Also, keep in mind that my emails often get filtered into a spam folder because of how many recipients I email, so check there as well.


Transfer Deadline -- Feb. 1

 If you’re tenured and would like to transfer sites please be sure to fill out the request form by February 1. Also keep in mind that you must check all sites you are interested in. And district-wide doesn’t mean you willing to go anywhere, it means that you want to be itinerant.


Tenured Contracts

Contracts will be coming out next month for all tenured and hard to fill (special ed. and across the water schools) positions. Send your signed contract to Kelsey Ciufo within 30 days of receiving your contract. She doesn’t need your original but it’s a good idea to “bizhub” it to yourself and then to her so that she sees who it’s from AND you have proof that you sent it, just in case.


Discretionary Funds Deadline – May 1

Remember the deadline for submitting your discretionary funds is May 1st. We know you spent more but you can get $225 back.


                                                   In Solidarity,

                                                 David Brighton

The election for NEA-Alaska officers, Board of Directors, and state sponsored delegates to Representative Assembly begins

                      Tuesday 1/23 at 12:00 am and closes Thursday 2/1 at 11:59 pm. 

You will receive an email with your login information and a link to the electronic ballot. If you don't you can call 1-800-996-3225 and they can help you log in, they are quick and happy to help.


Here is the link for the ballot:


Please click here to vote for KPEA delegates to our annual state meeting, delegate assembly.

The election is active and closes Saturday Nov. 11 at 11:59pm

You may vote for up to 24 of the 25 nominations.

The 2017 election for KPEA officers, Board of Directors, and Representative Assembly Delegates is open now! It only takes a minute to vote. The election closes this Saturday, March 25th – so please follow this link and vote today:

Voting is simple! Either use the email that was sent to you, which includes your username and your password, or use this link and use your last name in all caps and your ID number as your password, as always.

  1. Follow this link to the voting website

Dear Members,

         You should have gotten an email from the state last Friday about the election for NEA-Alaska Region 3 Director and our representative to attend RA this summer. 

If you didn't receive this email please click here:  


Your username is your last name and your password is your membership number. That is on your membership card or you can get it by calling 907-274-0536.

David Brighton

KPEA President

President’s Greeting:

            Welcome back! I love this time of year when it starts to cool off, especially in the evening and I start trying to organize all those thoughts I’ve had all summer long about what would make my classroom even better. The fireweed is done blooming and we are back to work.

            This year brings some exciting changes. You will not be evaluated by student test scores! You won’t have to do an SGM unless you choose that format for your TEP. We will be working with the state about what will replace the AMP test, please watch for opportunities to weigh in on this subject. I will try to get as many of you involved in that conversation as I can.

            I met our new teachers Friday the 12th and was impressed. We have a great new group ready to engage our kids in the learning process. I look forward to seeing everyone during my fall building visits. If we don’t get a chance to chat please don’t hesitate to call me any time for any questions or concerns. I love talking to members. I hope you have a great year!


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