285 Days Without A Contract

Welcome Back!

President’s Greeting:

            Welcome back! I love this time of year when it starts to cool off, especially in the evening and I start trying to organize all those thoughts I’ve had all summer long about what would make my classroom even better. The fireweed is done blooming and we are back to work.

            This year brings some exciting changes. You will not be evaluated by student test scores! You won’t have to do an SGM unless you choose that format for your TEP. We will be working with the state about what will replace the AMP test, please watch for opportunities to weigh in on this subject. I will try to get as many of you involved in that conversation as I can.

            I met our new teachers Friday the 12th and was impressed. We have a great new group ready to engage our kids in the learning process. I look forward to seeing everyone during my fall building visits. If we don’t get a chance to chat please don’t hesitate to call me any time for any questions or concerns. I love talking to members. I hope you have a great year!



September Bargaining Update

Bargaining Update:

Today the Associations have reached a final tentative agreement with the District.  The District suggested we use the arbitrator’s recommendation as written which gave KPEA members $750 for last year and KPESA nothing. KPEA offered to split the $750 with support staff at which point the district agreed to giving all employees the cash bonus in exchange for moving a date up that will effect new hires. The $750 is off the schedule but is TRSable.

 The other salary highlight includes 1.5% salary increase on the salary schedule for FY 17 and FY 18 and a 5% increase to extracurricular stipends.

There are several changes made to the health care plan.  The parties agreed to include two health care plan options:  the current “traditional” plan and a high deductible health care plan.  Upon ratification, current employees may out of health care plan if they have outside insurance.

Also upon ratification, all new hires under 30 hours a week will not be covered under the District health care plan.  For additional details on health care coverage go to: http://www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us/Workarea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=36556

The Associations will be conducting area visits over the next month to answer questions prior to the ratification vote locations will be announced soon.  Only KPEA and KPESA members are eligible to vote.  If you are not sure if you are a member, please check with your KPEA president, David Brighton.