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Read the current Union proposal to the District here. The District team will bring it before the board next week. Another session will be scheduled afterwards.

September 5th Proposal

Read the Proposal >>

After District caucus:

First portion of the negotiations:

Let's let the school board know how important a contract is to us! Call your school board member(s) - any and all! - between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday, June 28.

Penny Vadla - 262-7249
Zen Kelly - 235-9700
Dan Castimore - 398-3609
Mike Illg - 299-6425
Greg Madden - 420-4120
Debbie Cary - 398-8308
Lynn Hohl - 224-7300
Matt Morse - 907-252-0573
Jason Tauriainen - 398-1024

Tell them to take the negotiations seriously, put a sustainable offer on the table, and finish this negotiation. We want to start the school year with a strong contract that provides our families with sustainable healthcare so we can focus on our students this fall.

The school board will be meeting on Monday, July 1 @ 6 p.m. Please come and let the school board know you are fed up with their stalling tactics at the bargaining table.

Please RSVP here

Did you know?

  • The bargaining team has asked for a salary increase below inflation in order to address the healthcare concern that the district is refusing to budge on.
  • Other districts across Alaska have settled 3 year contracts including more than our requested salary increases.
  • The increasing cost of healthcare has been larger than any pay increase that I have seen in two years meaning I am working the same job for less.
  • With the Personalized Learning initiative I am required to do more for less pay.
  • The district’s proportion of the healthcare costs is shifting to the employees and we can’t afford to pay more. Other districts are able to provide a similar benefit for less cost.
  • During the emergency open enrollment we took on increased risk with higher deductibles saving the district $1.2 million. Rather than using that money to settle a contract the school board voted to take it away from employees (after they agreed to spend it on employee benefits)!
  • The bargaining team is willing to accept higher deductibles IF the savings reduce the premium cost.
  • The district team wants to appear like they are bargaining but is not making an offer at the table.


Hope to see you there!

In Solidarity,

Dave Brighton

This is a link to a one minute video that Sonora Martin from SOHI made about being part of the ski team. The video won 1st place in a national video contest this year at the US Junior National Championships where it was shown to athletes, coaches, and teams from all over the US. It was also shown at Senior Worlds. It is a testament to the impact of extra-curricular activities and electives (aerial video). 

It's worth the minute to watch!!

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Soldotna High School teachers and students contributed money to support The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). Two teachers a week competed to see who could get the most contributions in their jar. The loser got to smash a pie into the winner's face. There were four weeks of competitions ending with a student competition. The fundraiser was managed by the SOHI Student Council.

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