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Thank you to Clayton Ellsworth!

Thank you for the amazing job you're doing educating the sixth graders in these tough times! I appreciate you!

- Anonymous

Shoutout to Krista Etzwiler

 I know that Krista works very hard to educate her students under very difficult circumstances these days. She also goes above and beyond for West Homer Elementary. She loves her students and is a highly dedicated teacher and educator.

- Bill

Krista won the 2019 Golden Apple Award.

Thanks to Susan Pfeiffenberger!

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Bargaining Update Graphic

Despite everything else that's going on, bargaining is coming up again this year. Your team has a couple of online Zoom events where we would like to hear from members what their priorities and concerns are this year. Check your email for links.

Please attend one of the sessions if you're at all able to. Even if you aren't, your voice is welcome and we want to hear from you. Please contact the bargaining team, and/or fill out the survey that was sent to you in your email. We are all willing to listen to your thoughts and concerns.

Take a look at our soon-to-be-posted Bargaining Notebook whenever you are wondering what is going on with the bargain - that's where we will post our official information and any updates that happen throughout the process.

KPEA and KPESA are strong, as we saw last year. We are weathering quite the storm now, and with your support, we will continue to do our very best.

We have just launched a 2020 Reopening page here on our website to help you find information you need about reopening and to give you tools to take action. Please take a look. This page will be updated regularly.

2020 Reopening >>>

Good evening, educators. I've transcribed and organized my notes from today's Leadership Academy in an effort to bring as much information to our members as possible. You received an email today introducing me (Nathan Erfurth) as the point person on the Smart Start plan, so please feel free to contact me via email or Facebook, or contact your building rep to voice your concerns. 

Some highlights:

  • Masking will be required for all staff, and for students grades three and up.
  • The board has requested of DEED that KPBSD be funded based on last year's enrollment rather than this years, since a dramatic budget impact may happen with the number of students moving to alternative online options.
  • Pay was increased for subs recently, but we still need recruitment.

A brief summary of some areas of concern:

  • No barriers or any other PPE beyond state-provided masks, disposable gloves, and sanitizer will be provided by the district.
    • Additional barriers are a site-based decision.
    • Educators are strongly discouraged from implementing their own barriers, and if they do must get approval through their building admin and facilities. There is a Plexiglas shortage, so requests for barriers from district will be prioritized by need.
    • The fire marshal does not want many barriers, citing too much plastic in classrooms may be a hazard if there's a fire.
  • Buildings will not be retrofitted with sufficient filtration.
  • There is not yet a plan for winter, when we have to teach indoors, but cannot have outdoor air piped in through central air systems due to low temperatures.
  • The sub problem is not yet addressed; advice was to have educators do their best to encourage community members to sign up to sub.
  • There is not yet a clear tool to determine how various types of leave would be used due to a positive test, symptoms, or because a student tests positive. HR is working on it. Cited are the nearly infinite possibilities in leave needs, and the complicated leave landscape.
  • Options to telework are dependent on the number of students attending school in person at your site; it may not be permitted if you are needed there. This is handled case-by-case.
  • Most decisions have been left to site leadership teams, leaving us with few answers and placing the weight of these choices (and their consequences) on administrators.
  • There are more questions than there are answers.

Please see my notes for details on these concerns and highlights. I have also linked, in a few places, relevant literature and tools.

I have received many questions and concerns about safety. I am answering them as I am able. Please keep them coming. It's my honor to represent you.

- Nathan

The letter that was sent by the Executive Board of the Kenai Peninsula Education Association. 

Here is the proposed Student Bill of Rights advanced by NEA-Alaska.

HSA Overview Document

Available information about the HSA is posted here.

HSA Overview Document
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